Scholarships “Gdja Sevala Karaikovic”

Scholarships “Gdja Sevala Karaikovic” for the students of the Elementary school “Isak Samokovlija”, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since 2009 an annular stipend has been awarded to two low income students of a single parent who showed an exceptional achievement in education (4 and up out of 5). The scholarships were established in 2009.

Scholarships - Gdja Sevala Karaikovic
Photo above (left to right; Sarajevo 5.10.2010.): Mr Vucjak, school director; Kabir Kasumic- recepient (2009-2011), Mrs Samia Karaikovic, Blerina Kulovic - recepient (2008-2011); and Dr Eldin Karaikovic.